Welcome to the ANAN-100D Wiki

A compilation of information aimed to assist amateur radio operators using the ANAN-100D, ANAN-100, ANAN-200D and ANAN-10 SDR transceivers

All information reasonably current as of April 2017


The ANAN-NET meets on 14.340 Mhz on Sundays at 1830Z

Special thanks to Warren NR0V for providing so much information via the Apache Labs Yahoo Group; to Ken N9VV and Bill KC9XG for laying the support foundation for the ANAN radios; to Doug W5WC for providing both excellent service on the ANAN radios and PowerSDR software upgrades; to Warren NR0V and Phil VK6PH for their development efforts in continually improving these fantastic radios; and to Scott WU2O and Rob W1AEX for valuable operating aids. Much of the information on this site is taken from posts to the Yahoo Group, with clear attribution given to the original poster

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