Digi Mode Configuration with PowerSDR

FT8 Mode Configuration

(from Chris G4IFX)

  1. You need to run HPSDR, the 100D won’t do anything without it (there is other SDR software, but HPSDR is the one generally used)
  2. Presumably you will use WSJT-X to do the FT8 processing, running on the same computer as HPSDR. WSJT-X works on the audio output from HPSDR so there needs to be a ‘virtual audio cable’ connecting the two bits of software together.
  3. The way to connect them together uses the VAC1 output in HPSDR. Most people use Voicemeeter Banana in between HPSDR and WSJT-X to simulate the audio devices both ways.
  4. You will also need a virtual COM programme to simulate the serial interface. I use one called VSPE. In WSJT-X, set the rig type to TS2000 and it should all work.

setting audio levels:

  1. The HPSDR level adjustment you need to look at is ‘RX1 AF’ rather than ‘Master AF’ because the latter only affects the audio into headphones/speaker, not VAC1.
  2. There is an audio level adjustment on VAC1 that you could try. Do you have the mode in HPSDR set to DIGU? If so, you’ll see the VAC1 receive and transmit adjustments on the main HPSDR screen.
  3. If you’re using Voicemeeter then there are gain controls in there too

FLDigi Configuration with PowerSDR

(from Carl N4PY and Scott WU2O)

Two Options for CAT control using FLDigi:

1. FLDigi works with the same interface as WSJT.

Int FLDigi
Select "Configure"
In the list box you get select "Rig Control".
In the new window, select "Hamlib".
Select Kenwood TS-570D for the Rig.
Turn on "PTT via Hamlib"
For Device select COMx, the other end of the software cable.
Turn on "Use Hamlib".
Click "Save", then "Close".

2. If you wish to use RigCAT with Fldigi, the PowerSDR xml file is located here:


You probably didn't think to look in the Flex folder, but remember that from a UI and external interface perspective PowerSDR mrX PS remains almost identical to the legacy PowerSDR version.

I use RigCAT and the above referenced xml file with Fldigi and it works very well.

CW Skimmer Configuration with PowerSDR

(from George W2GS)

Under CWS radio tab try these settings:

SR 96kHz
CW Pitch 600 Hz — Radio CW tone is set to 600HZ
Audio IF 600 Hz

I have found different radio control programs (HPSDR, Thetis, SDR Console) and versions of firm (Protocol 1 or 2) require different values for Audio IF. Also CAT control doesn't work consistently using the CAT+ Tab comports. I have the best results with CAT using DDUtils Ports>RCP>CWS.

Disengage CTUN in PowerSDR

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