ANAN-100D Diversity Reception Notes

Mono - Phasing Diversity

StartUp status
To check whether the Diversity window is disabled when you power up PowerSDR, look at the "Enable" button on the Diversity (Phasing Control) window. If it has a RED backcolor, the Diversity window is disabled. In that case, click on the "Enable" button, it will turn GREEN, then exit PowerSDR by clicking the "X" on the upper right corner of the main PowerSDR display.

The exit will cause PowerSDR to save the new state of the Diversity window and this change will allow the ADC selections to be processed normally when PowerSDR is re-started next time.
(K5SO 9Jan15)

When enabling the Diversity function, it is necessary on each new PowerSDR session to pop into the ADC menu and flip the radio button on RX2 to ADC1 and then back to ADC2
- it seems the state of RX2 ADC2 is not polled on enabling Diversity.
(G7CNF 9Jan15)

To set the panadapter horizontal scale the same "width" for RX1 and RX2, go into HPSDR Setup - Hardware Config and check "Limit Stitched Receivers to 1"

There is an internal relay that grounds the RX2 input in TX

Stereo Diversity

Need to Dedicate both VFO's was Problematic
There are were limitations in the dual VFO implementation of stereo diversity reception with PowerSDR/Angelia, i.e. listening to the same frequency in both hardware receivers connected to different antennas.

If you are calling cq ("running") with stereo diversity enabled and you have an off-frequency caller, you can't tune him by offsetting one VFO (ideally tied to both receivers) because you don't have a VFO you can dedicate to transmit. And unfortunately, RIT also doesn't work right in stereo diversity because RIT only applies to VFOA.

Doug W5WC has just enhanced PowerSDR so that RIT tunes both VFOs when in SYNC mode for stereo diversity. THANKS DOUG!!!

Doug W5WC is working on an enhancement to PowerSDR with an "SD" stereo diversity button that appears when RX2 is enabled so that both receivers operate off vfoA. This will be another very welcome enhancement. Doug finished this and released it in v3.2.23!

Note: Make sure you have "Auto Mute RX2 on TX" checked or you may encounter delayed RX2 recovery after xmsn

YouTube video using stereo diversity with ANAN-100D in ARRL DX SSB contest

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