Configuring the Flex Tuning Knob on the ANAN-100D
  • Plug FlexControl into computer
  • Install FlexControl driver
  • Look under Device Manager ports to see what COM port is assigned to FlexControl USB Control Knob
  • Create virtual port pair using VSPE or other software, using two unassigned ports in computer. (VSPE software must stay running to activate FlexControl knob)
  • Open PowerSDR and assign one of the ports in the pair, under Setup - CAT and enable it. Personally I use, 4800/N/8/1 and PowerSDR ID
  • Open DDUtil Setup
  • Under Features, choose Legacy and specify the other port of the virtual pair.
  • Under TKnob specify the port you saw in Device Manager for FlexControl and enable

Once it's all set up, you need to load software in this order:

  1. virtual serial port pair creation
  2. PowerSDR (with CAT port enabled)
  3. DDUtil
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