PiHPSDR Front Panel

On August 12, 2016, Abhi posted the following info to the Apache-Labs Yahoo Group:

Over the past few months I have been working with with John and Kjell (LA2NI) on the hardware controller, the PiHPSDR Controller allows all mode transceive including Digital Voice and PSK31 (receive), the controller supports all ANAN models and the OpenHPSDR Hermes card.

The processing core is a Raspberry Pi 3B with a 64bit quad core processor, IOs consist of 4 USB ports and an Ethernet port, all the DSP processing is done within the rPi Broadcom processor.

The control interface consists of:

- A seven inch touch screen

- 8 function buttons

- 3 function knobs with push switches

- A tuning knob

For those comfortable with a mouse, any USB or USB wireless mouse will work with the controller, I use one for point and click tuning!

The unit will work off a 12v or your shack's 13.8v DC supply.

I am uploading a picture of a prototype (please note that is a pre production unit without the legend printing etc) and some screen grabs from the actual unit.

John plans to make the non beta v1.0 software release shortly.

The hardware will be available both finished and as a Kit (without the pi and screen) shortly.

I cannot answer questions on the pricing and availability as yet, however, expect an announcement within the next couple of weeks, I thank everyone for their interest,

Stay tuned, exciting times ahead!


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