Pure Signal setup and operation

(Generally follow the instructions in the KC9XG document in the Files section of his Yahoo Group)

Use 192000 sample rate under Audio - PureSignal is currently set up to run ONLY at 192K. Angelia/Orion (100D/200D) will not receive at 384K with PS on. The issue is the 100Mbps network bandwidth.

Use 4096, or better yet 8192, sample rate under DSP-TX-Phone to ensure steep shoulders

Check “USE DRIVE POWER” on Tests setup
Tests are done at your normal power output, not necessarily 100 watts

If you are using voice modes such as SSB or AM, calibrating with the normal voice modulation (NOT using a two-tone) is preferable according to NR0V

DUP on (main screen)

After setting the TX ATT, just transmit using PTT and the settings are saved

Every time you start PSDR, you have to select Linearity and Auto Calibrate to get Pure Signal working.

W1AEX Pure Signal ATT table: Updated 12-14-2014 (Bypass on TX enabled)

Band ATT
160 3
75 8
60 11
40 14
20 18
17 19
15 20
10 24
6 31

W1AEX Pure Signal ATT table: (No Bypass on TX)

Band ATT
160 12
75 16
60 18
40 20
20 23
17 25
15 26
10 26
6 31

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