Unbricking your ANAN-100D

(thanks to Scott WU2O for posting this to the Apache reflector)

Bootloader instructions:

1. Download and install WinPCAP (Bootloader requires it).
2. Download and install HPSDR Bootloader.
3. Power off radio.
4. Place jumper on board or flip bootloader switch to bootloader position, depending on the radio.
5. Power up radio.
6. Run Bootloader.
7. Click "Test for Bootloader". Bootloader should discover the radio.
8. Click "Browse" in the Board Programmer section. Select the rbf file you want. You may need to change the name of the rbf file to "metis.rbf". Nobody knows why.
9. Click "Program" in the Board Programmer section. Wait for it to complete.
10. Quit Bootloader.
11. Power off radio.
12. Remove jumper or flip bootloader switch back to normal position, depending on the radio.
13. Power up the radio and enjoy!

NOTE: Bootloader mode will NOT work if you use a managed Ethernet switch. In bootloader mode the radio advertises a MAC address of 11:22:33:44:55:66. This is an illegal MAC address and managed switches will not route packets to that address. Use a dumb switch or a direct connection.

Refer to your manual (https://apache-labs.com/download_file.php?downloads_id=1010) for jumper information. On page 57 it calls out J17 for the 100D. On page 69 is shows the location. If you are very careful, and lucky enough for your radio to have been assembled without any cables caught on anything, you may be able to simply remove the front panel and carefully slide the bottom plate out far enough to get to J17. If not, then you'll have to remove the back panel as well.



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