My ANAN Wish List

ANAN Hardware

  1. Quieter T/R Relay
  2. Well bonded metal chassis
  3. Discrete connectors on rear panel instead of DB25
  4. Better cooling
  5. Dedicated Input for external Pure Signal coupler
  6. More flexible routing of multiple antennas to RX2
  7. Manufacture/Sell a pre-built external coupler box with built-in relay for RX ANT cable switching


  1. Fix bug where RX2 attenuator keeps getting set to -20dB; see video of this at
  2. Change WAV recorder takeoff point (for tx audio) to after EQ/COMP instead of before
  3. Front panel assignment of multiple tx and rx antennas
  4. add an s9 line to the panadapter display
  5. Automatic tx EQ based on matching model voice spectrum curves
  6. Eliminate audible "click" on T/R changeover at beginning of keyed cw elements
  7. Simultaneous T/R unmuting of two receivers - there's currently a several hundred msec delay in RX2 unmuting relative to RX1 in CW. This delay tends to vary over time, can be as long as a full second, and can be eliminated temporarily by performing a database reset.
  8. front panel controls for waterfall and panadapter range
  9. independent averaging settings for waterfall and panadapter


  1. zero latency phone monitor
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