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i have successfully build Hermes and Odyssey II and now i i finished to build an Angelia Board.
Bootloader pof file has been successfully installed on EPCS128 ROM.
The jumpers for 10MHz internal clock and J17 for bootloader are correctly set.
I have verified:
1) All voltage except 12VDC because not necessaryfor FPGA test. I have only 2 PSU
2) All the clock sources are working. 10MHz clock available at J20
3) PSU led D25 , D27, D28 are on 12V led D25 is off.

a)D6 LED blink
b)D42 LED remain on
c) FPGA led D15 and D12 remain on. All the others remain off
d) Ethernet interface are not working

Please suggest me some troubleshooting actions.

Thank you, 73


Angelia Boot Issue by IK2LRN IK2LRN , 14 Aug 2021 15:27
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